Andre's Bio

Andre grew up in a home that was open to the spiritual world. It was about 10 years ago that he could put a name to the gifts André had. Since then he has been doing readings regularly, either one on one or in large groups. He has taken and taught many classes.

Taught classes such as;


flame readings

soul readings

aura readings

tealeaf readings

André has knowledge on many healing and psychic modalities.


He nails majority of his readings and has with no doubt a very kind heart, you'll most likely be mind blown after experiencing it


I paid for this service not once, but 3 times in a 2-month period.

I had anxiety about the future and wanted to know how to best prepare myself for future challenges.

Not only did I receive great advice and am no longer anxious about the topic, I was also told something quite interesting.

Without bringing up the topic of dogs I was foretold I would change my mind about dogs. I chuckled to myself at the time and thought not in a million years and hell is more likely to freeze over first. Turns out I was wrong, and Andre was correct. I'm still astonished by it all when I think about it. Will definitely use this service again in the future. 

Amir Aslam